About Us

CAPS is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Planning solutions and hotsites specializing in Client/Server, work area and communications (both data and voice) recovery.

Serving domestic and international companies of all sizes, CAPS provides customized solutions for enterprise-wide recovery. Through comprehensive analysis and planning, and readily accessible hot-sites, we help insure that your critical business functions continue in the event of a disaster.


Handling disasters since 1972, our experienced recovery team successfully helped major corporations through some of the most devastating downtime events in modern history including the World Trade Center tragedy. Because of our real-world experience, weve been selected by some of the largest banks and brokerage houses to provide comprehensive contingency planning and alternative processing hotsites.

Recovery Specialists
Our sole business is disaster recovery. We know what works and how to make it work for you. Through years of planning experience and hotsite operation, weve learned what to expect and apply this knowledge to everything we do. Because of the extensive, well-practiced recovery “drills” conducted with our customers, were able to react to even the most extreme situations.

Individual Solutions
CAPS recognizes that no two companies are alike. We identify your “mission critical” needs and objectively evaluate and implement customized plans for each client. We also work with complimentary vendors of other services to offer complete, one-step solutions no matter what your need.

Personal Service
At CAPS we never lose sight of the fact that people are involved. Relocating your staff to a recovery hot-site can be as disruptive as the disaster itself. Through the use of regular pre-disaster “fire drills” and a thorough understanding of your work environment and staff, we bring stability to an otherwise difficult situation.

CAPS combined program of Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Recovery Hot-Sites represents a powerful tool for businesses seeking a serious business continuity solution.